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Khun Best, Thai national karate-do athlete who uses B Strong to help recover injured muscles.

Khun Arm, Thai national karate-do athlete who uses B Strong to help recover from injuries and be able to return to practice with teammates.

Step 1 - Choose your expected result 
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based on your health focus & life style to achieve your desired result
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To strengthen your upper body eg. your hands, arms, for stronger upper body strength (recommend Set#1)
To strengthen your lower body (eg. legs) for more stable stand and walk (recommend Set#2)
Focus #3:
Increase Growth Hormone Naturally & Anti-aging & Increase Bone Mass (recommend Set#3)
Focus #4:
Smarter workout - Less Time Gain More (only 15 - 20 min a day) - making your exercise more intense with less risk of injury (recommend Set#3)
Focus #5:
Become part of internationally Certified B Strong trainer  (contact us for group B Strong workshop for hospital & therapists)
All Products (contact our consultant to help you find out what is best for your health needs)
Step 2 - Measure your B Strong size
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Privileged for every purchase of B STRONG in Thailand

With your B STRONG set(s)  from Thailand's B STRONG authorized distributor, you will also receive following privileges.  Below is only applicable for purchases intended for personal use only.   


B STRONG Thailand privileges are:

  1. 12-month limited warranty service in Thailand* 

  2. Support in Thai and English language via line @bfrbstrong

  3. B Strong manual & quick reference guide in Thai language

      * Limited warranty covers hand pump and B Strong valve (warranty does not cover damage due to pump drop, heat & misuse)


 We know this is a new training method and we are committed to being the leaders in education on how you can do BFR training safely and effectively with workshops, vdo training, on-line training and supports from our team of trainers and therapists. Should you have any troubles our customer support team is available via phone, line official or email to keep you moving strong! Education and certification courses are available as well for those looking for continued professional education.


We are no strangers to design. Besides the hundreds of prototypes we went through to come up with our proprietary design, B Strong bands have gone through extensive lifecycle testing. Our velcro was carefully selected to withstand over 10,000 cycles because we all know how annoying it is when something simple like velcro fails! Every band goes through quality control testing before it leaves the factory so we keep the highest standard possible.Pumps are custom designed for industrial application in a gym and rugged setting. Proper care and maintenance is important, but if you look after your system, it will last many years.


The hand pump and bands are designed from industrial grade materials used in marine applications so you can take these anywhere you go. You can even swim with them!B Strong bands are routinely battle tested by high use customers like the US Military and gyms where they get used up to 10x per day. Our customers can't tolerate failures and down time, and we strive for nothing less! Bottom line is B Strong bands are built to last. Bands and pump come with a 1 year no-hassle warranty, you can view our policy here.